Swedish Crown Couple met with Mona Sahlin at Haga Palace

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Prince Daniel of Sweden met with Mona Sahlin of the national coordinator against extremism. The meeting was held on March 30, 2015 at the Haga Palace in Stockholm.
Crown Princess Victoria Style HUNKY DORY Francis Jacket
Crown Princess Victoria Style HUNKY DORY Francis Jacket
HUNKY DORY Francis Jacket


  1. Anonymous31/3/15 14:19

    Did you know that Prince Daniel mum worked at the post office?

  2. Anonymous31/3/15 15:56

    I do not like that her blouse is longer than her blazer.

  3. Anonymous31/3/15 16:16

    His sister is a social worker!

  4. Anonymous31/3/15 16:27

    One of the WORST dressed future Queens!!! NO SYLE or TASTE at all!!!!! At least she can get a stylist and get suggestions what suits her and how ro dress to impress!! Look at QUEEN MAXIMA or QUEEN MATHILDE of BELGIUM. . .STYLE, CLASS AND ELEGANCE 24/7 !!

  5. Anonymous1/4/15 14:11

    I think the Crown Princess is beautiful and she dresses modern and exciting. Maxima and Mathilda are many years her senior. CP Victoria is still young and it is not nesessary for her to be "elegant" and "classy". She can allow herself to try new things. She often dresses in swedish designs like this time - Hunkydory. She is a great spokesperson for Sweden.

  6. I like her look. I don't know if it is due to the makeup or parting her hair to the side but somehow I think she looks younger here
    (I think it might be that her makeup is more of a neutral than usual).

    I think she has a great body/shape and that her outfit is something DIFFERENT. I like it! She looks great.

    I have been browsing PINTEREST and I should add she and her husband seem like a super fun couple and very much in love. Lovely to see their relaxed pictures together.

  7. Anonymous23/5/15 23:54

    The Crown Princess looks fabulous, as usual. She is a young woman, and this is not a formal event. Thus, she wears more casual attire. With her understated classic hair pulled back, Crown Princess Victoria keeps her look fresh, while retaining the regal look of a future queen.

    Crown Princess Victoria is absolutely beautiful. She walks a delicate balance, as she will succeed her father, the King, with all the authority that the position entails, while replacing her lovely mother, Queen Silvia.

    When the time comes, she will not disappoint! With her loving husband, Prince Daniel, by her side, along with their precious Princess Estelle, Sweden will have a royal family to be proud of, just as they are now with current King Gustaf & Queen Silvia.


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