Queen Mathilde & Crown Princess Mary

The wedding of Prince Carl Philip, Duke of Värmland, and Sofia Hellqvist took place on 13 June 2015 at Slottskyrkan, Stockholm.
Wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist. 13 June 2015.


  1. TWO BEAUTIFUL PRINCESSES. My Pr Mathilde. Both with nice outfit.

  2. Anonymous13/2/16 23:56

    Beautiful HM QM!!! The classes Lady with a crown on her head. And than there is Mary with the cheapest ugliest tiara I have ever seen. Even Sofia of SRF has a more impressive tiara.

    1. Anonymous14/2/16 01:20

      The viper rears its ugly head.

      Both ladies are so lovely and look magnificent together my two favourite beautiful, I love that Mary wears this tiara it maybe smaller than others but she looks wonderful
      It is so much more than being about impressive tiaras and Mary is doing an impressive job which is far more impressive than any jewelry

    2. Anonymous14/2/16 02:57

      There is no such a thing as "cheapest or ugliest" TIARA...even if you do not like one!

    3. Crownprincess Mary are going to have the use of all the Queens tiaras when she become the Queen and also the crownjevels so it might be whith that in mind she got this one, also they have started to not give the tiaras awaye any more since Princs Joachims divorse, one of the more expensive ones whith a history ended up outside the roayl familie so Joachims new whife have hers on loan.
      But I actualy like this one

    4. Anonymous14/2/16 21:32

      Hahaha what a jealous and bitter person you are. Mary is all class and style. Get over it.

    5. Crown Princess Mary has also (or her husband has actually) exclusively in use the most wonderful tiara/parure of jewels any crown princess has, the ruby parure. And she can use Moonstone tiara and in one picture last year she had necklace what looked like convertible tiara. Mathilde had only one small tiara, laurel leaf when she was crown princess and still she does not have many tiaras when she is queen.

    6. Anonymous15/2/16 08:43

      9:32 Depends who you ask, remember not everybody have your opinion. I don't find her more classy and stylish then the others even if she use a lot and lot of money on her wardrobe, but at the same time don't see whats wrong with this tiara either. Nice one.

    7. Anonymous15/2/16 16:22

      To -- Anonymous February 13, 2016 at 11:56 PM -- remember that what you say reflects more of what you are than the persons you are speaking of.

  3. Anonymous14/2/16 01:44

    They are two very sweet very charming Princess and Queen, enjoying each others company. The two M's- Mary and Mathilde both so beautiful.

  4. Anonymous14/2/16 06:41

    Blond and brunette beauties , they are both elegant

  5. If it is the ugliest Royal tiara around (and I do agree),then it's not Mary's fault I'd blame the person who gave it to her.....now who might that be, MIL? At least Mary has the sophistication and good manners to wear it with grace at all times.

  6. Anonymous14/2/16 12:07

    Why on earth you didn't allow me to say that I didn't like these dresses and think they are boring! You have to explain!

  7. Anonymous14/2/16 12:43

    Both beautiful in blue!!

  8. Anonymous14/2/16 17:11

    Two beautiful royal ladies.
    To the tiara discussion: I like Marys tiara more than Mathildes because it is more filigree, the Belgian tiara is more like a ribbon, what in my opion makes it more plump.

  9. Both women look stunning, I like their dresses very much both.


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