Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist joint monogram

The joint monogram of Prince Carl Philip and Miss Sofia Hellqvist consists of a face-to-face monogram with their initials. Prince Carl Philips ducal crown rests above the monogram. (The monogram was designed by the heraldic artist Vladimir A. Sagerlund and Prince Carl Philip) Via :
The joint monogram of Prince Carl Philip and Miss Sofia Hellqvist Royal Wedding, Style Wedding, Wedding Dresses


        Royal personages uses monograms since the time of the Vasa kings. The Bernadotte dynasty has continued to follow this tradition.

        A monogram was created for the newly-appointed successor to the throne, Karl Johan (Jean Baptiste Bernadotte), in 1810, featuring the initials CJ under the Crown Prince's Crown. Following his succession to the throne in 1818, the open Crown Prince Crown was replaced with the closed Royal Crown.

        Sweden's most proficient graphic artists were tasked with designing new royal monograms throughout the 20th century. For example, Gustav VI Adolf's monogram was designed by Acke Kumlien.

        Karl-Erik Forsberg created a monogram for King Carl Gustaf in 1973, and for the Royal Couple, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia, in 1976. The letter monogram CGS was used for the Royal Couple's wedding in 1976 on the parade cover that covered the steps from Logården to the East Gate for The King and Queen's entry into the Royal Palace. The King and Queen's face-to-face monogram was used on the invitations, among other things.


  1. Seriously?! she doesn't deserve it.

  2. This must be some kind of joke 

  3. For years haters wrote hateful comments in the Swedish royal magazine Svensk damtidning!
    Now they are stopped!

  4. this couple is gorgeous. Swedes are good looking people judging from these two


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