King Philippe and Queen Mathilde met with European Council President

King Philippe of Belgium and Queen Mathilde og Belgium today met with European Council President, Donald Tusk at the Royal Palace. 07 January 2015
King Philippe and Queen Mathilde met with European Council President
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                                                              (Source: The Belgian Monarch Twitter Account, Corbis)


  1. Anonymous7/1/15 23:31

    While many of the royal ladies are very pretty, I think Queen Mathilde is the classic beauty of them all. She has such lovely features, she reminds me of H.S.H. Princess Grace.
    Some of her fashion choices tend to be on the safe side, but she looks appropriate for her events. I enjoy following her despite her quiet sartorial choices, since she seems to work hard and engaged with her causes.

  2. Queen Mathilde has been a popular figure ever since she stepped onto the public stage, with her natural elegance, relaxed but diligent approach to royal duties, and commitment to good causes.

    A working mother of four, she has a determined streak to match her sense of duty, rallying the staff at her Fonds Princesse-Mathilde charity when the economic crisis sapped morale and threatened its work.

  3. Mathilde is nobel, that's de reason. Philip is the only one who married a nobel girl.

  4. Anonymous8/1/15 14:45

    She is so beautiful Mathilde

  5. Queen Mathilde looks great. I agree with the above comment that she is a classic beauty.
    She has a great figure for her age too.

    I don't think she always stays on the safe side. I remember not long ago she wore a gray & fluorescent magenta dress + coat. I loved it!!!! It was so different and bright.

  6. Anonymous9/1/15 01:10

    @Morgane: Stephanie of Luxembourg is of noble birth too.

  7. Anonymous11/1/15 04:44

    Her children have always been the best dressed royal kids, and they seem to be so well behaved


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