08 September 2013

Swedish Royal Family

Swedish Royal Family  attended a memorial service for Princess Lilian at the English Church in Stockholm. (more photos 1,2,3,4,5)


  1. It is just me or does CP Vickie look pregnant as well?

    1. I think she is too. I think she and Daniel are just putting off announcing it for a bit so as not to steal Maddie and Chris' thunder with their announcement.

  2. i had the same thought the dress is making her looking pregnant too

  3. I thought the same. :D

  4. My thoughts exactly, and check out the dress she wore to the wedding (previous post on this site)......

  5. Finally I'm not alone - but even more than the dress she's been looking somewhat 'dull' she hasn't had that victoria glow - if you recall when she was pregnant with estelle she had morning sickness and daniel was very protective at engagements until they announced it - hence last week he put his arm round her waist and is that also why maddie dedicated the song at 'thank you' to her sister - was vickie going to announce but she let maddie & chris take the stage?? we wait in hope

  6. Yes, I thought about a second pregnancy too as I saw the photos from the wedding a few days ago.
    I'm really concious if she's really pregnant, it would be great :-)