Princess Victoria met with Professor Johan Fredrik Rockström

On January 29, 2016, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden met with Johan Fredrik Rockström who is a Professor of Environmental Science at Stockholm University. (Johan Fredrik Rockström is executive director of the Stockholm Resilience Centre, and teaches natural resource management at Stockholm University. He is a strategist on how resilience can be built into land regions which are short of water, and has published over 100 papers in fields ranging from practical land and water use to global sustainability.)
Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden met with Johan Fredrik Rockström who is a Professor of Environmental Science at Stockholm University, The Crown Princess wore BY MALENE BIRGER blacak Coat and MAYLA printed Dress
Crown Princess Victoria wore BY MALENE BIRGER Coat and MAYLA DressCrown Princess Victoria wore MAYLA Dress and BY MALENE BIRGER Coat
                         BY MALENE BIRGER Coat                                         MAYLA Dress


  1. Anonymous29/1/16 21:22

    le congé maternité n'existe pas en Suède?

    1. Anonymous29/1/16 23:08

      Si,mais Victoria est une princesse travailleuse-La grossesse n'est pas une maladie,elle peut consacrer quelques heures pour ses oblogations officielles-Oubliez les princesses qui utilisent leur grossesse pour rester inactives.

    2. Anonymous30/1/16 11:49

      Yes they do. They have 16 months maternity leave that includes that they can stop working 60 days before the baby is born. Victoria has 3 more "jobs" left that includes one dinner on the 3th, one meeting and Global change award on February 10. I guess she will survive ;)

    3. Anonymous30/1/16 14:25

      Of course yes, maternity leave exist in Sweden but hey her name is not Kate Middleton! She's never been lazy, and her Sister-in-law Sofia seems to follow on her footsteps

  2. Anonymous30/1/16 17:26

    Hope the Princess was aware of the Zika virus with her visit to South America. Very irresponsible if the Royal House was aware of it and still let the Princess go. If you do not like Duchess of Cambridge, leave her out of comments. It might be that the Duchess is a more responsible person than the Princess and knew how to take proper care of herself during and after her pregnancy.

    1. Anonymous31/1/16 13:16

      And whatelse? Are you trying to say that it's because of zika that Duchess Kate is the least working royal in Europe? Let me remind you that she has not been pregnant all her life though she never had a single proper job! More than ten years without having a single proper job.
      This is a website about royals, and we talk about Who ever we want. And when it comes to laziness, Kate is the absolute reference. Sorry.


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