Princess Marie attends the ceremony of the National Flag Day

Prince Joachim of Denmark and Princess Marie of Denmark participates in Wreath-laying ceremony in the commemoration of National Flag Day for Danes posted in other countries at Citadel (Kastellet) in Copenhagen, Denmark on September 5, 2015. (5th September is the official flag-flying day for Denmark’s deployed personnel. The national monument to Denmark’s international effort since 1948 was inaugurated by Her Majesty the Queen on the flag-flying day for Denmark’s deployed 5th September 2011. The monument is located at the Citadel (Kastellet) in Copenhagen.)
Prince Joachim of Denmark and Princess Marie of Denmark participates in Wreath-laying ceremony
Prince Joachim of Denmark and Princess Marie of Denmark participates in Wreath-laying ceremony
Prince Joachim of Denmark and Princess Marie of Denmark participates in Wreath-laying ceremony
Prince Joachim of Denmark and Princess Marie of Denmark participates in Wreath-laying ceremony
Prince Joachim of Denmark and Princess Marie of Denmark participates in Wreath-laying ceremony


  1. Anonymous5/9/15 22:39

    Prince Joachim doesn't look healthy. I think it's because he smokes much too much. He is only 46 … but he looks like he was 60+!
    Princess Marie beautiful and very well dressed.

  2. Anonymous6/9/15 01:08

    What is that in her hair reminds of a scarf tied in hair like the photo of washer woman not good. The color of the hair piece is really different to own hair to look good although the style is ok.

  3. Anonymous6/9/15 16:35

    They both need to stop smoking, especially him and he needs to exercise. FINALLY, she wears a appropriate outfit, if she wore pants again I would have made her go home and change out of them.

  4. Anonymous6/9/15 18:05

    Yes Joachim looks so much older than big brother Frederik. I assume he inherits Margrethe's looks.
    I like Marie's style for a change. Though the headpiece is too girly and fails to complement her elegant outfit and chic hairdo.

  5. Anonymous7/9/15 08:35

    They both smoke? He looks really old, Marie married an old man. I actually don't like them because he has two older sons who don't live with their mother, it must be stressful. Marie looks ok, she's so tiny, almost unnoticeable, but she learns how to dress from Mary.

    1. Anonymous10/9/15 05:54

      If you are Danish you are giving no credit to your monarchy if you put any one of them down. You obviously have no respect for any royals.

    2. Anonymous10/9/15 14:21

      No, I am not Danish and I didn't put anyone down. A clever person is able to notice both good and bad sides and it is not forbidden not to like someone. I don't see the point of you reply.

    3. Anonymous10/9/15 19:27

      A lot of Danes prefer Marie over Mary just as it is said.

    4. Anonymous10/9/15 22:20

      I don't see the point of your reply..

    5. Anonymous12/9/15 01:23

      AnonymousSeptember 10, 2015 at 7:27 PM

      Yet in all polls in Denmark Mary is one of the most popular royals and Marie one of the least popular, just above her husband.
      To tell I don't really care but just to put out there.

  6. Anonymous7/9/15 14:28

    Gosh! They are both looking older than their ages in these photos! Makes me wonder if the Prince has health issues, maybe they both do. I always though Princess Marie spent too much time in Solariums/Tanning Salons and that was the reason for her strange pallor, which has never looked natural. At least they will be able to access the best Doctors.

  7. Anonymous8/9/15 04:00

    Now HRH Mary this is how it is done!!! I saw wished HRH Marie was the Crown Princess then Denmark would have someone to be proud of!!!

    1. Anonymous8/9/15 22:40

      Maybe Marie is not a bad person nor mother, but I feel sorry for Joachim's older sons because no one can replace a mother.

    2. Anonymous9/9/15 05:15

      Anon Sept 8, 2015 at 4:00

      Ha Ha Ha , this one can only laugh at, Marie fan always trying to make her look better by making unnecessary nasty comments. about another.

    3. Anonymous9/9/15 08:17

      The previous reply refers to the next comment, sorry, my mistake.

    4. Anonymous9/9/15 14:43

      Totally agree with you anonymous @ 4:00. The Dane's should be proud to have this Princess.

    5. Anonymous9/9/15 18:24

      If Princess Marie does it how it is meant to be done, gee the standards aren't high. The poor woman looks ill, she is positively haggard and has aged drastically. Everyone ages, but wow somethings going on (wrong) somewhere, just look at the photos of the poor woman. Even photos over the last couple of months show how lack luster her hair has become. Her hair has looked unhealthy for a while, dull and lifeless, and Princess Marie would have access to the best hair stylists and products. I am no Doctor, but to me dull lifeless hair indicates poor diet or health issues.

      Crown Princess Mary looks happy and healthy, she is glowing. Her skin looks beautiful and her hair is glossy. Princess Mary looks a far healthier role model. Princess Mary dresses beautifully, carries out her duties with enthusiasm and aplomb and she genuinely seems to be a nice person. I am not saying that Marie isn't a nice person, she simply doesn't look healthy.

      I really like Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg, and her charming sons always seem happy and relaxed in her company, but when they are photographed with their father, they always appear (in my opinion) somewhat apprehensive, uncomfortable and "buttoned up", not at all at ease. Totally different from Crown Prince and Princess Couple's children; their beautiful children always seem totally relaxed and natural.

      Just conjecture, but could the strain and aging on Princess Marie's face be Prince Joachim's roaming eye (again).

    6. Anonymous9/9/15 21:51

      I have read your reply and I think you are not wright. I am not Mary's nor Marie's fan. Someone is more interested in fashion and someone less. Firstly, Mary is a CP and Marie is not which means Mary has to pay more attention on her appearance. Marie obviously likes dull outfits but dress properly while Mary adds "life" to her outfits. Marie is not ill for sure, I think claiming that was an attempt to insult her, am I wright?
      Talking about Joachim's older sons: I can agree with you completely, it is not good for children to be separated from a mother or father. I am terribly sorry Joachim's first marriage didn't work. Although he has two more kids with Marie, there are consequences of a broken marriage and it is hard to hide.
      I also agrer that lots of facts can be seen in pictures while many bloggers here claim the oposite.

    7. Anonymous10/9/15 14:07

      Sorry you are wrong. I think Princess Marie looks ill in the photos above, actually I think they both look ill. Maybe they have a virus or something, I wasn't saying that Princess Marie looked ill or that her hair didn't look nice as an insult.

      I love looking at the fashion and style of the various Princesses and Queens, and I think Queen Maxima is fantastic, but honestly in my opinion most of the time, her hair looks dreadful, although much better since she has become Queen, however her hair never looks unhealthy, just messy. I love Queen Maxima's vibrancy.

      Princess Marie's hair has looked dull in my opinion for a while, I hadn't really thought about it until I saw the photos above, I got a shock, and I honestly thought "they are sick, or something is wrong". Like I said I'm not a Doctor and it is a photo. It could be a series of bad photos and there is nothing wrong.

      I will stand by what I said about the young Princes. I do think they look uncomfortable in their Father's company. They look much happier and more at ease with their Mother and her new husband. They appear to be lovely boys, and like all children growing up so fast.

    8. Anonymous10/9/15 20:22

      I don't understand why you are talking Maxima.
      They can look ill due to their unhealthy lives but NOT because of virus, especially not for such a long time.
      Joachim has bad temper, I am not sure about Alexandra but I can tell that many children with divorced parents look unhappy. Maybe it is not Joachim's fault entirely, childern obviously suffer, maybe he is not the best father, I can't tell so I won't be discussing this familly topic anymore.

    9. Anonymous11/9/15 06:56

      The Queen Maxima reference was making a point that I don't judge people on the state of their hair. I don't judge people, period! Queen Maxima when she was a Princess had very messy hair, but she looked fantastic because despite her hair being messy she looked healthy and happy, which meant she always looked radiant.

      The point that I was trying to make was, that I wasn't picking on Princess Marie because she has bad hair or messy hair. I don't care about Marie's hair or generally about the way she looks. I don't find her particularly interesting, she is not someone who has ever sparked my interest, up until this point, when I saw the dreadful photos above. Normally I don't take any interest in Princess Marie. I am not interested in her, but as I have just said, the photos above certainly caught my attention, but for all the wrong reasons.

      What I was actually trying to do, was answer your question "Marie is not ill for sure, I think claiming that was an attempt to insult her, am I wright?"

      Firstly, I do not know if Marie is ill. Princess Marie looks ill, aged or something in the photos above. Whatever it is, it is not a good look. I shouldn't have commented, because I don't like to make negative comments, but they are bad photos, and I got a shock.

      Secondly, I wasn't trying to insult Princess Marie, as I said before I don't find her or her style particularly interesting. I was commenting on the way the individuals looked in the photos, which in my opinion was and is "looking unwell" but as I have stated before I am not a Doctor, so I really don't have a clue as to whether they are ill or not.

      Finally as to whether you are "wright" how would I know? I don't know who you are and what you do for a living. If you are a playwright, wow! How exciting. If you are a shipwright, gee checking out Royalty blogs is a strange pass time, but good on you, and each to their own!

      In all honesty I am sick of Princess Marie! She's not worth it!

    10. Anonymous11/9/15 14:32

      Actually I am impressed with you last reply, if only everyone on this blog knew how to conversate properly.
      At the end, I just have to add I don't like Marie nor Joachim, I sure she is not ill but doesn't seem like a fashion icon to me.
      I would also like to start discussing Mary but i will leave that to some other post.

    11. Anonymous11/9/15 19:46

      Thank you for your essay on why you don't like Princess Marie - point taken. Nevertheless, she is still a princess and very much loved by people who are not necessarily Danish.

    12. Anonymous12/9/15 10:23

      Oh please, people will like anyone who is connected to any royal family in any way. That's why many people visit this blog, because we, ordinary people, would like to be like them, living in a fairytale. But the reality is different. They are not always perfect and we will never be them. So we dislike and comment and concentrate on how they dress and what they do for their country.
      We lost our topic so I would like to end this discussion.

  8. Anonymous8/9/15 19:05

    Divorce for the first Mrs Joachim countess Alexandra. Wondering if she regrets the first devorce right know tjihi

    1. Anonymous9/9/15 05:09

      Why would she regret divorcing Joachim a arrogant man whom is know to rather aggressive and he takes his new wife along the same path..

    2. Anonymous9/9/15 14:55

      It's called to be funny...and about Joachim that's your opinion. Why don't you write about Alexandras infidelity too???

    3. Anonymous9/9/15 23:33

      Have not seen any real facts on Alex's infidelity, just speculation, however Joachim has been on camera ignoring people if he is not spoken to formally(this is rather pompous), also has been seen more than once screaming yelling and swearing after a car racing incident, in front of all, including children.

    4. Anonymous11/9/15 07:04

      I have to sadly agree. Never knew much about him, until his second marriage. Lots of negative "press or Palace" stuff generated about Alexandra but none of it proved,

      Joachim on the other hand was apparently stepping out on his wife for some time. Don't know for sure, but I think it may have been with Marie. Leopards never change their spots.

      Very surprised recently to read of how he and a certain Prince in Great Britain are regarded. Joachim was regarded lower than this British Prince which rather surprised me.


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