Princess Marie and Prince Joachim attend a birthday party

On September 19, 2015, Princess Marie of Denmark and Prince Joachim attended Caroline Fleming's 40th birthday party at Valdemar Slot in Svendborg, Denmark.
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark, who was just recently voted in British magazine Hello! as being the most stylish young royal, beating out the likes of even Duchess of fashion, Kate Middleton.
Caroline and Mary are so close that the princess even serves as godmother to Caroline's daughter.
Caroline Fleming attending the christening of Crown Princess Mar
Alexander William Fleming, Josephine Margaretha Victoria Fleming
Niels Krabbe Iuel-Brockdorff, Margaretha Lundgren
Caroline Fleming Mother, Entrepreneur of great living, Topmodel presenter and creator
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark's best friend Danish aristocrat and Top Model presenter Caroline Fleming
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  1. la tulipe noire20/9/15 19:21

    Marie est très en beauté.

  2. Anonymous20/9/15 20:58

    Maries hair is wonderful in that style.
    The smoking jakett of her husband is awful.
    Was this a party with a motto?
    What is that black fur on her back? Wings?

  3. Marie looks stunning. She finally showed some style. Well done!

  4. Anonymous21/9/15 03:06

    superb Marie

  5. Anonymous21/9/15 05:37

    HRH MariE for the future Queen of Denmark. Let the other show off ride her bike!!! The country will only benefit!!!

    1. You must be joking, could you seriously image having Joachim and Marie as King and Queen. The only thing they do is going out make partying and closing up the nightclubssss

    2. Frederik is older so he will be a king one day. Why discuss imposible?

    3. Anonymous22/9/15 12:27

      There is nothing that is impossible! Everything is possible.

    4. Anonymous24/9/15 14:48

      It's a pity ! Joachim and Marie as King and Queen would be a very good thing for Denmark

    5. Anonymous26/9/15 09:22

      Never they are only celebrities no substance in either.

    6. Anonymous26/9/15 09:26

      No, so bad so we leave as is.

  6. Cette soirée était donné pour l'anniversaire de Caroline Fleming, née Luel-Brockgorff. Le thème de la soirée anges et fées voilà pourquoi la princesse Marie à des ailes dans le dos.

    La princesse Marie est bien coiffée, sa robe lui va à ravir pour une fois elle est à sa taille et non étriquée. Le couple est dans l'instant présent et s'amuse ferme.

  7. Anonymous21/9/15 08:57

    Marie is godmother to Caroline's youngest son.
    Prince Joachim is always dressed awful and tasteless!

  8. Anonymous21/9/15 12:03

    less is more . beautiful Marie

  9. Anonymous22/9/15 10:06

    Beautiful Marie - and handsome Joachim.

    His suit shows he's got guts!

    Great to see a man wear different colours and patterns - not just boring black penguin-suits!

    Good on you, Joachim!
    Don't listen to all the dull, negative critics.....!!!!!!

    They just lack imagination!

    1. Handsome Joachim? You must be blind.. I wonder why he looks so different than Frederick. How old is he? 65?

    2. Anonymous24/9/15 14:50

      Lassie, can your respect other posters ?

    3. I can. Now, back to the topic. Anything to say about Joachim?

  10. Where is Mary? Isn't she close friends with Caroline.
    Ps. Joachim as King, god no!!!!! He isn't very popular in Denmark!

    1. I am curious: Who is the most popular in Denmark? I knew it wasn't Joachim..

  11. Anonymous24/9/15 14:53

    Actually, I think that everything is done to promote Frederik who is totally inconsistent

    1. Anonymous26/9/15 09:24

      No promotion needed, Frederik is in Nepal with the Red Cross while Joachim parties which is a great part of his life, check.,

  12. Anonymous26/9/15 14:37

    LOL they do not show the pics of Joachim and Marie they pose like celebrities on top of the steps not royal at all.


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