Wedding preparations of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist

Sofia Hellqvist and friend William Värnild participated in a secret dress rehearsal for the wedding at the Royal Chapel
Photographer: Sven Lindwall /
Sofia Hellqvist and friend William Värnild participated in a secret dress rehearsal for the wedding at the Royal Chapel on June 8, 2015 in Stockholm.


  1. You mean the Swedish royal family hasn't come to their senses and called the whole thing off? They will live to regret 13 June 2015.

    1. You poor thing... you are certainly in love with CP, sorry, the train just went without you... ;)

    2. Oh, AnonymousJune 10, 2015 at 12:37 PM, I laughed at your reply to my comment. If you only knew how old I am, you would beg to have your little remark deleted. Hahahahaha.

    3. A cougar...?? :):):) Age doesn't mean anything - or perhaps you wanted to belong to the swedish royal family through your grandchild...

  2. Give them a chance to prove critics wrong .

  3. You must be an old girlfriend

  4. Royal Family seems to be very happy with Sofia.
    Sofia is a very smart girl. She will be a Real Princess who will be happy together with Prince Carl Philip for entire life.
    Best wishes to Princess Sofia and Prince Carl Philip!
    God bless them always!

  5. Sofia is working so hard for her future roll and this work is blessed with the love to her prince.

    All the best for Sofia and Philip!
    They are such a nice couple - like Victoria and her handsome husband.
    Nice young generation for Sweden's monarchy!

    Madde is going to London - fine with me!

  6. It doen's change the fact that one of the members of the Swedish Royal family is a former Paradise participant, pinup, nude model and adult patroness in Vegas. Declination of standards.

  7. Why should they regret it? They've known Hellquist for years, surely all of them must know what they're getting themselves into. If they still had the impression that it won't work, they would have put much more pressure on them not to get married, or Ms. Hellquist would have got out as long as she still could. None of them are stupid!

  8. Sofia is a very good girl!

  9. o my . leave these people alone! they are lovely and happy and normal !. it is far worse to have an awful hypocrite personality than being a pin-up for 10 seconds. I hope the wedding will be streaming live somewhere as i would love to see everyone - admittedly CP Victoria and her handsome husband is always nice to see, actually , the whole family are nice!!! Bless them


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