King Mohammed and Princess Lalla Salma visit Turkey

King Mohammed and Princess Lalla Salma visit Turkey
This is the first time King Mohammed VI of Morocco and Princess Lalla Salma of Morocco appear in a casual picture together.
The picture, which was posted by Soufiane El Bahri, the owner of a Facebook page devoted to the King Mohammed and the royal family, shows the Moroccan monarch and his spouse in Turkey wearing casual clothes away from any royal protocol. The picture was taken in an Istanbul market (Bazaar) and shows the royal couple besides a Moroccan citizen identified only as Samira.


  1. Wow! And I am always impressed with Lalla Salma!

  2. Lalla Salma is a very beautiful woman! ( too bad I can't say the same thing about the king)

    1. Beauty is not so important, especially for state rulers.

  3. I agree but I couldn't help expressing my opinion. I only wish I knew more about this king and his personality


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