Christmas at Fredensborg Palace 2014

The Danish Royal Family and the Greek Royal Family celebrating Christmas Eve together at Fredensborg Palace
The Danish Royal Family and the Greek Royal Family celebrating Christmas Eve together at Fredensborg Palace
From left to right: HRH Crown Prince Pavlos, HRH Princess Theodora, Don Carlos Morales Quintana, HRH Princess Alexia, HRH Prince Achileas, HRH Prince Constantine, HRH Princess Marie, HRH Prince Joachim, HRH Crow Princess Mary, HRH Crown Prince Frederik, Arietta Morales, HRH Princess Maria-Olympia, HRH Crown Princess Marie-Chantal, HRH Prince Philippos, HRH Princess Tatiana, HRH Prince Nikolaos, HRH Prince Odysseas, HH Prince Felix, HH Prince Nikolai, HH Princess Alexandra, Count Jefferson, Countess Ingrid, Count Richard, HM Queen Anne-Marie, HM King Constantine, HM Queen Margrethe II, HRH the Prince Consort, HRH Princess Benedikte, Anne-Marie Morales, Amelia Morales, Carlos Morales, HRH Prince Aristides, HH Prince Henrik, HRH Princess Josephine, HH Princess Athena, HRH Princess Isabella, HRH Prince Vincent and HRH Prince Christian.
                                Photographer: Steen Brogaard ©


  1. Very beautiful family! The dresses of princesses Isabella and Josephine, aren't they the same as the dress that princess Amalia was wearing at the new pictures of the 3 princesses of the Netherlands that were published lately?

  2. Weren't Fred and Mary invited? They aren't in the picture?

    1. Mary and Frederik is standing in the back row on the right side of the picture!

  3. How rude of Queen Margrethe to put the younger sibling's wife right behind her, and poor Princess Mary shunted off into the last row. What is going on there?

  4. Frederik and Mary seem to have been co-hosts for the Christmas reunion . They didn't have to fuss about their position in the photograph . Perhaps it wasn't as important to them where they stood as it might have been to others.


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