Queen Maxima attends the symposium From Tradition To Ambition

Dutch Queen Maxima attends the symposium 'From Tradition to Ambition' by the Dutch Agricultural Youth in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 20 November 2014
Dutch Queen Maxima - COS Woll Skirt + Top Dutch Queen Maxima -  L.K. BENNETT Bags Dutch Queen Maxima - L.K. BENNETT Shoes
                       COS Woll Skirt + Top                L.K. BENNETT Bags             L.K. BENNETT Shoes


  1. Her necklace is a little too much!

  2. I think it even destroyes the whole look :-( without the necklace it would be a perfect style : the purple tone toghether with nude-coloured accessories - perfect combination. But the necklace is horrifying!


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