Crown Princess Victoria visited Ericsson's Estonian

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel visited Ericsson's Estonian plant during the visit to Estonia. 29 October 2014

Style - Fashions - Crown Princess Victoria - TABITHA SIMMONS - L.K. BENNETT
Crown Princess Victoria - TABITHA SIMMONS Harmony Boots Crown Princess Victoria - L.K. BENNETT
                  TABITHA SIMMONS Harmony Boots               L.K. BENNETT Newton Biker Jacket
STELLA MCCARTNEY Arlo Shirt - Crown Princess Victoria
         STELLA MCCARTNEY Arlo Shirt                  RALPH LAUREN Blue Soft Ricky Bag (Thx @anon)


  1. She is carrying the Soft Ricky Bag from Ralph Lauren. Can't tell if it's black or dark blue.

  2. I like the biker jacket so much more this time (with the colored shirt + white collar), even her hair looks better this time (same bun yet somehow different - not all pulled back). Still hate those booties :p they are not ugly but still don't it with this outfit.


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